Two Naperville Farmers Markets Return This Year

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Two Naperville farmers markets will return this week for the season.

95th Street Farmers Market

Opening day for the 95th Street Farmers Market will have 15 vendors and two food trucks.

Two new additions this year are Drover’s Trail Natural Farms with black angus burgers, and food truck Rose Street Eats which will sell hot dogs.

“Of course the produce kind of is the main stake because you want to be able to get fresh, delicious produce,” said Angelique Harshman who is the 95th Street Farmers Market manager. “But it’s nice to have other options as well.”

The weekly event is co-hosted by the Naperville Park District and Naperville Public Library. Candle shops, plants, baked goods and more onsite meals will be part of the line-up this time around.

“In the past with COVID we really couldn’t have as many onsite food options so it’s nice this year that while you’re shopping maybe you can enjoy something as well,” said Harshman.

The 95th Street Farmers Market, held at the 95th Street Public Library, runs from June 3 to September 30 every Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m.

Harshman said more vendors might set up shop towards the end of the season.

Naperville Farmers Market

The Naperville Farmers Market on 200 E. 5th Avenue will have 56 vendors, including 20 new additions.

“We’ve got a variety of all different types of things from meat to sweets to ethnic foods to organic repellant,” said Naperville Farmers Market manager AnnaMarie Bensfield. “So a lot of interesting things that we’ll be bringing to the market this year.”

Those include BillyDoe Meats, Puff Puff Dutch which will have Dutch style pancakes, and Pretzel Crack.

The market will also have designated seats for onsite eating, as well as music, which they didn’t have last year.

“I think that it will be calmer and people can enjoy themselves more maybe a little bit more. People last year came to the market, did their business, and left,” said Bensfield. “Hopefully there will be a bit more meandering around and enjoying the day.”

The Naperville Farmers Market kicks off its season on June 5 from 6:45 a.m. to noon. It runs every Saturday through October 31.

Both the 95th Street Farmers Market and Naperville Farmers Market will follow IDPH guidelines on COVID-19 safety.

St. John’s will not be hosting its farmers market this year. This is the second year in a row the church has opted out of the event.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.