Two Sisters Publish eBooks to Help With Outfit Selection

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Help With Outfit Selection

Some days you wake up and struggle to decide what to wear.

Many clients from the online company, “What to Wear Collective,” have felt the same. That’s why the co-owners and sisters decided to create two eBooks.

“It’s a curated selection of clothing and in this case it’s our recommendations for spring going into summer and basically we’ve taken those pieces and then we’ve mixed and matched them into 100 different outfit combinations,” said co-owner Jill Wittwer.

One book, Spring/Summer Casual Wardrobe Capsule, and the second, Spring/Summer Business Casual Wardrobe Capsule, were published on March 31. 

What’s in the Book?

The target audience is for women 30 and older. Each clothing item or accessory has a link directing you to the department store or online retailer.

“When you’re getting dressed everyday it takes the stress out of it, it takes the thought out of it. We’ve basically given you the pieces to purchase and then shown you exactly how to wear them,” said Wittwer.

Wittwer said they want to provide their clients with outfits that are in right now, but won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Helpful During Coronavirus

This is important for many since shoppers are on a tighter budget with the coronavirus pandemic. 

With employees relying on virtual meetings, the sisters have also seen a higher demand for tops and they’ve shared some suggestions.

“I think picking solid colors is a good suggestion. Something bright might be the way you want to go. And then maybe not some patterns, try to stick with a solid,” said co-owner Mary Raddatz.

Each book is $37 or you can buy both for $59. Their goal is to create at least one eBook for each season.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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