Two Teens Arrested For Car Burglary

two teens car burglary
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At around 4:30 this morning, Naperville police arrested a 16-year-old and 17-year-old in connection with a car burglary.

Early Morning Burglary

Both were charged with one felony count of burglary to motor vehicle in the incident which took place early this morning. The two allegedly entered an unlocked car in the 500 block of Aurora Avenue.

In a press release from the Naperville Police Department, police say they are looking into whether the two have any connection to other Naperville burglaries.

Police Remind Residents – Lock It Or Lose It

Police are using this opportunity to remind residents to “Lock it or Lose It.”

Cars and homes should always be locked. Residents should take care to secure any entry points to their home, including windows and garage and patio doors.

No items of value should ever be left in your vehicle. Belongings such as keys, purses, wallets and phones should be taken inside.

Police recommend doing a regular nightly check to ensure that you haven’t forgotten to secure your home and car before going to bed.

It’s also recommended to keep a couple lights on to create the illusion of being home if you’re not, and draw the curtains or shades to prevent viewing from the street.


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