Unique Smiles Young and Old

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April 16th – 20th is “The Week of the Young Child”, and in honor of that, Kids Kampus Child Care teamed up with Harbor Chase Senior Living Center to celebrate.

The toddlers were bussed over to Harbor Chase with art supplies in hand, to make crafts with the residents. The theme of the week was “everyone smiles in the same language” – which was definitely evident throughout the visit.

“We’re talking a bit about diversity and how everyone is the same on the inside, but all may be a little different,” said Megan Lathan, an assistant teacher at Kids Kampus. “Part of talking about our art project with kids afterwards when we have a discussion with them is everybody made a face but everyone is a little different but we all used the same materials and we all used the same art supplies.”

The event was topped off with a special visit from Harbor Chase’s resident therapy dog, Paul.