Unity Rally at Frontier Sports Complex

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Unity Rally

A Unity rally was held today at Frontier Sports Complex to send a message to local and state officials – groups will continue to be active until they see change.

“If there’s racist people I want someone to stand up and say this is not allowed, we don’t allow this in our community because we’re united. Our community is united,” said Sarah Diaz, Minorities & Diversity Living in Naperville & Surrounding Suburbs.

Group activists also showed their unity.

Starting as one group – Minorities and Diversity Living in Naperville and Surrounding Suburbs – some members decided to branch out and start their own – Community Alliance for Diversity & Reform.

Making Change

The two groups came together for the peaceful rally to promote solidarity, racial unity, and change.

“We as citizens are not going to destroy our town but reform it here and now,” said Indya Smith-Johnson, Community Alliance for Diversity and Reform. “So when you go home today, here’s some things you can do. You can file a FOIA, freedom of information act. Ask for the information that they aren’t giving you straight up because if you have the information, you can ask for the change.”

Organizers also spoke about the importance of voting and joining civil rights organizations.

Voting and NAACP registration forms were made available to the public.


The rally also featured speakers. One came up to share her personal story.

“I spoke on being one of very few black teachers in this school district, which is our neighboring school district of Woodridge,” said speaker Anleeta Eaton-Buchanan. “I spoke of board members who would come into the building. I’m a brand new teacher, and I’m not greeted, or I’m not given eye contact, or I’m not given the same welcome that my colleagues who look like me are given. That’s very hurtful.”

The educator and youth advocate urged the public to educate themselves, and hopes there can be a more diverse curriculum at schools.

The event also had music, vendors, and prizes for those who answered trivia questions.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.