Vom Fass Hosts Irish Whiskey Tasting

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Vom Fass, whose name derives from “the cask”, is an unique store in Downtown Naperville specializing in oils, vinegars and spirits. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Von Fass hosted an Irish whiskey tasting event.

“The first known recipe dates back to 1107,” said Store Manager Michael Kristula. “Whiskey is actually Gallic for the water of life and it was made by monks to help preserve water and to help them out.”

The group of six got the chance to try whiskey from the Teeling Distillery. Kristula said the sprits had to be aged for three years and a day, in case there’s a leap year, and be from Ireland to be considered Irish whiskey.

The event is meant to be fun, but also to inform people about their drinks.

“We do Irish whiskey tastings pretty much for the informative purposes. We also like to entertain with our Irish whiskey tastings,” said Kristula. “You learn about the drinks, you enjoy the drinks – it’s a win-win.”

In addition to the whiskey, they also enjoyed aged cheese, and dessert topped with whiskey-infused whipped cream.

Participants weren’t expecting a history lesson, but were glad they learned about the Irish whiskey.

“Our host Mike did a fantastic job talking about how the process [of making whiskey] is, the different types, and we got to taste a few. What a great time,” said attendee James Jakobsze.

Celebrating the Irish culture, with an Irish drink

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.