Walk for Water 2017

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With a rainy day there was no shortage of water at Jefferson Junior High’s 4th Annual Walk for Water event.

Yesterday, students, families, and friends simulated what millions do every day around the world- walking for miles to have clean water.

Walking with gallon jugs through the hallways for 45 minutes, along with carnival games and raffles, the event was a fun way to talk about how to support an important global issue.

“I have the luxuries of having water every day so when I heard that kids in developing countries don’t have water every day, I really wanted to help the cause, because it’s really not fair for someone to not have water every day,” said seventh grader, Victoria.

All funds from walk for water will go to H2O for Life, an organization that supplies clean drinking water, hand-washing stations, and sanitary bathrooms in Cambodia, Nicaragua, Mozambique, and Ethiopia.

“Every little bit that we raise makes a difference for somebody somewhere,” said Chris Heffernan, a social science teacher and the event organizer. “So if we end up raising $5000, well that’s $5000 that goes to water projects that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. It’s just amazing to see the work that they’ve [the students] put in and know that it’s going to a great cause.”

Other schools that participated were Lincoln Junior High, Kennedy Junior High, and Granger Middle School. Bringing our community together to make a global impact.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.