Wash U Coming to Ogden Corridor

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A new business is coming to the Ogden Avenue corridor.

Wash U recently came before Naperville City Council looking for zoning variances to move into the lot at 1150 E. Ogden Avenue, formerly occupied by Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant.

But council had some concerns about letting them move in to the irregularly shaped space, including the potential pollution of well water to nearby homes.

Representatives from Wash U said their water recycling system filters into concrete chambers, meaning most water wouldn’t even leave the washing area.

“We also are concerned about the neighborhood and doing the right thing,” said Wash U Chief Operating Officer Craig Nelson. “And by doing all of these sustainable things, we’re contributing to a better environment for our neighbors.”

Some council members wanted to add a provision to require a ground water test after a year, but others felt it was unnecessary.

In the end, most council members were excited to see a vacant lot filled in a corridor they are actively trying to revitalize. Council voted 6-3 in Wash U’s favor.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.