Waubonsie Valley High School Hosts Senior Car Parade

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Senior Car Parade

On Friday, Waubonsie Valley High School celebrated their seniors with a car parade.

“What we have is a unique situation where we aren’t really putting together our normal activities that we normally would for the year,” said Jason Schmidtgall, assistant principal at Waubonsie. “We have a car parade around the perimeter of our high school and we’ve incorporated a light show, a DJ, we’ve incorporated a few performances by our groups here at the school.”

High school staff were also there to support the Class of 2021. And since the school can’t host a homecoming this year, they incorporated the event into the car parade as well.

“We knew we still wanted to have something unique and still crown a king and queen,” said Schmidtgall.

Celebrating Seniors

“We wanted to do something to bring back community to the campus here,” said Waubonsie Principal Jason Stipp. “What we’ve learned from this pandemic is that things we thought we could control, we no longer can. So you really just have to celebrate the things you’re allowed to celebrate and tonight this is what we can celebrate, this is what we can do.

“So it’s different, it’s unusual, but it’s still a memory and it’s something they’re going to look back on whether it be yearbooks or talking and be like, ‘hey remember when we did that because of the pandemic?’ So we’re excited to give them that opportunity.”

Metea and Neuqua hosted their own car parades last week.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.