What are Precautionary Boil Orders?

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Some Naperville residents could receive a precautionary boil order.

Stricter Regulations

Due to stricter procedural regulations from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency in regards to water main break response and testing, Naperville’s Water Utility will begin issuing precautionary boil orders to customers when circumstances warrant.

These boil orders will inform customers if there has been a situation.

Impact on Residents

“I really want to stress the word ‘precautionary’ because what this essentially means is we have done something or there has been some impact to the water system that has essentially made it more susceptible to contaminants,” explained Kate Schultz, a communications specialist with the city.

Those in impacted areas will be asked to take precautions, stopping the use of tap water for activities like brushing teeth, washing produce, cooking, or drinking. Bottled water or tap water boiled for five minutes should be used instead.

How You’ll be Notified

The city will notify those impacted through an orange envelope at their front door containing all the pertinent information, as well as at a secondary prominent location at the home.

It is important to note that precautionary boil orders do not mean water has tested positive for contamination: it means further testing of the water will take place.

Green door tags will be issued once the water is deemed safe from contaminants.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena and Kim Pirc report.