Wheels for All Donates Bikes to Low-Income Families

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Wheels for All

Wheels for All is a non-profit, student-led organization in Naperville that believes in providing free and reliable transportation to low-income families.

“I really love biking and the fact that some kids never had the chance to bike, it just really affected me emotionally so I just wanted to make an organization that helped the cause that I love doing each and everyday with my friends, family, going to school,” said founder of Wheels for All, Aaryan Menon.

The organization was able to gather a number of bikes to donate to families with the help of an Aurora-based organization.

“So today we donated 21 bikes to families that have children who have probably never ridden a bike in their lives before or because bikes are just so expensive they haven’t been able to afford one. So we’ve been able to give them that opportunity.

“The organization that we partnered with was Simply Destinee and they are a great organization that was really enthusiastic to help our cause. They provided us with children’s names as well as brought in quite a few families for the transportation of the bikes from my house to Scullen Middle School.

Rewarding Work

“A lot of our hard work, sometimes we spend hours a day just making sure everything is going well and going straight. Contacting the organization, finding the bikes, fixing the bikes, seeing what’s wrong with the bikes and repairing them. That just takes hours of our day. So I think seeing that hard work pay off and seeing those smiles, it’s just really rewarding.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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