Where’s Waldo in Naperville?

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2018 marks the 30th year people have been on the hunt for Waldo, and once again he’s hidden in 36 Naperville businesses for you to find.

Start your search at Anderson’s Bookshop, where they’ll give you a passport with a list of places he’s hiding.

“All you have to do is walk around and look for Waldo, he looks like this and he’s hidden somewhere behind a book or somewhere fun in every store. Once you find him you bring your passport to an employee of that business and they’ll sign off,” said Kerry Clemm, who does marketing and special promotions for Anderson’s Bookshop.

And for the first time, Waldo is also on the web. He’s hidden somewhere on this very website, and on positivelynaperville.com.

“If you find Waldo online you can go ahead and sign off yourself on that square and it will count as an entry towards your twelve locations,” said Clemm.

After you’ve found Waldo in 12 locations, turn in your passport to Anderson’s to be entered in a raffle.

Prizes include Waldo books, as well as merchandise donated from participating businesses.

Prizes will be raffled off on August 1 during the where’s Waldo wrap up party at Anderson’s Bookshop, where Waldo himself might make an appearance.

You don’t need to attend the wrap up party to win – just to return your passport with 12 signatures to Anderson’s Before August 1.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.