Where’s Waldo Wrap-Up

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Anderson’s Bookshop recently held a special Waldo wrap-up raffle for the families who participated in the fun this July.

50 businesses throughout downtown hid a little Waldo in their stores to be found, and those from the businesses even joined in on the Waldo fun.

“What was really fun for me this year personally is I have two grandchildren, they’re five and two, and so this was the first year that they were really able to participate in the hunt here,” said Candy Purdom, from events and publicity for Anderson’s Bookshop. “So it was really fun to go from store to store and they were like ok, and they were pulling me and saying ‘let’s go to the next store,’ because so many of our local businesses participated. It made it a lot of fun to search for Waldo. It’s just a fun, simple thing that doesn’t cost anything and it’s just kind of fun to do as a family.”

Those businesses donated the prizes, which included books, gift cards, and piggy banks.

Anderson’s Bookshop will be hosting a similar scavenger hunt to find the Grinch this winter.