Who’s On The Box?

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The game is played one team at a time, all four players will line up behind the table and will be given a box with a part of a photo. Danielle will then give a clue about a famous baseball player, a person associated with baseball, or an actor from a baseball movie! The team will then have to guess that person and arrange the boxes to complete the photo within 2 minutes. Teams have to ‘think outside the box’ as the images will line up differently every time. Who will win, Team NorthCubs or Team SouthSox? Watch to find out!

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Episode 5 Host: Danielle Tufano of 95.9 The River


  • Karen Coleman
  • Kevin Tyschper
  • Phillip Wilkey
  • Casey Breese McCormick

  • Miranda Barfuss
  • Mario Lambert
  • Celeste Sentman
  • Dave Miller