Wildlife Baby Season

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As we start to see baby bunnies, squirrels, and birds this spring, the Willowbrook Wildlife Center prepares for its busiest season of animal care.

“We’ll have over 1,000 patients in our care during the busy spring and summer months. We can have up to 600-700 ducklings at one time and that’s just one species,” said Stephani Touzalin, naturalist at Willowbrook Wildlife Center. “Baby bunnies –cottontails – are our number one patient that we take in every year just because they are able to have multiple litters all throughout the season. One mom can have as many as six or seven litters in the summer.”

How you can help

Because of the influx, the center is in need of supplies to continue their care and medical treatment to injured and orphaned wildlife in DuPage County.

“So some of the donations that we most appreciate during baby season are formula. They actually do make formulas for baby squirrels, baby possums, baby bunnies. We do have an Amazon wish list and it has all the different formulas that we use the most of,” said Touzalin.

It’s not a pet

If you come across a baby animal that appears to be hurt or abandoned, call the Willowbrook Wildlife Center and staff can walk you through how to best proceed. And don’t be tempted to keep that baby as a pet.

“You actually need the Illinois Rehabbers License in order to take care of wild animals. And they really do have a specialized diet and care needs that again, people really don’t know how to provide. So a rehabber has the experience to know how to do that,” said Touzalin.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.