Wilton Brands Moves to Naperville

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A big name in baking and decorating is now in Naperville.

Wilton Brands recently relocated their headquarters from Woodridge to Naperville as a means to work more efficiently and productively.

“We were located at Woodridge for almost 40 years and we were spread over four different buildings,” said Desiree Smith, Public Relations Manager at Wilton Brands. “By making this move to the new offices in Naperville we’re able to work together under one roof and we’re in this beautiful, clean, modern space with workstations that are much more open for collaboration.”

The new location features five test kitchens, a food scientist lab, a decorating room and in house video and photography studios – suiting the needs of one the largest supplier of food and crafting products.

“We have a lot of kitchen space available all with different looks, so we can shoot different photo scenes and then our decorators are tasked with making sure every cake cupcake brownie, whatever it may be, looks perfect for photo,” said Smith.

While the move didn’t create any new jobs, the new location has room to expand if they find it necessary.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.