Wolf’s Crossing Community Park Groundbreaking

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A little drizzle didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of those gathered at the groundbreaking of Wolf’s Crossing Community Park. Officials from the city, park district, and state legislature were on site to commemorate the occasion.

Serving the Southwest

The 33-acre park in southwest Naperville will sit just south of Wolf’s Crossing Road and Trumpet Avenue.

Amenities will include 1.4 miles of trails, a splash pad, and several athletic fields including baseball diamonds, baseketball and pickleball courts, and Naperville’s first “challenge course” for aspiring ninjas in the community.

An Historic Name

Though the project was previously referred to as Southwest Community Park, the name was changed to recognize the Wolf family who settled the area in the 1840’s. Ginny Wolf Chivas, a descendant of the family, was there to take in the scene, and thanked all the public officials for their help in honoring her family.

The park district issued $11 million in bonds in August of 2018 to help fund Wolf’s Crossing Community Park, which is also partially funded by a grant from and OSLAD grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Construction on Phase I is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2020.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.