WONC Studio Gets an Upgrade

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North Central college’s radio station recently went on air, with a new studio upgrade.

WONC has been on the airwaves at North Central college for over 60 years, and until recently they were broadcasting their tunes with an analog soundboard.

“We had a board in there, a studio console, that was maybe thirty years old… and it was becoming very difficult to fix it. We needed something that was current technology. We got a very generous donation from somebody, that allowed us the funds to purchase the new console, and all the little bits that go with it,” said Zach DeWitz, the General Manager at WONC 89.1 FM.

Top of the Line Tech

The new soundboard is a top of the line piece of equipment that even some major market radio stations don’t have.

Now it’s easier than ever for listeners to call in and be patched through. The new board takes up less space and, unlike the previous one, every button works properly.

“This makes life as a DJ way more simple. Think of upgrading from a used car to a new one, straight off the dealership,” said Chris Duffy a DJ for WONC 89.1 FM.

To celebrate the upgrade, WONC hosted an open house to show off the studio.

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