Woodrow Wilson and the Great War Exhibit

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You can bunker down at Naper Settlement this month for a special pop-up exhibit that’s giving a unique look at World War I.

“Woodrow Wilson and the Great War” puts on display the untold stories of 1914 to 1918 in America and the narratives forgotten about the 28th president.

Its 2018 so we view things in a different light now that we would have 100 years ago. I want visitors to keep that in mind. I also want them to learn something new; hopefully they will take into consideration new perspectives and they will learn things that were maybe left out in the history books or the classroom and hopefully it will spark their curiosity and they will want to learn more on their own,” said Co-Curator of the exhibit Kole Torres.

Women’s roles in World War I as well as the segregation of minorities in battle are just some of the little know facts on display in the exhibit.

You can also check out artifacts like a gas mask that was used for poison attacks and letters written from Woodrow Wilson himself. You can even leave your mark on the exhibit at the “your view” board where visitors can leave notes about their thoughts on what they learned.

Also joining the exhibit will be a pair of Woodrow Wilson’s shoes. You can check those out and the rest of the exhibit through august 26 at Naper Settlement. After that “Woodrow Wilson And The Great War” will hit the road to make four other museum stops, including at the Woodrow Wilson house in Washington, DC and at Lewis University in Romeoville.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena and Mickey Hendrickson report.