Working Out at Work

January 5, 2018
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Looking for a way to release everyday stress at the office can be as simple as stretching.

Trainers at Midwest Fit Club in Naperville recently showed us some beginner moves to release built up energy and get your blood flowing while at work.

“I say try to focus on the multi-muscular movements, if you are going to just spend a quick 15-20 minutes working out then that’s going to be the full-body. Squatting, pushing horizontally, pulling, you know the big movements that get a lot more muscle groups activated at one time, that’s going to burn more calories and then the rest after that workout you’re going to be burning more calories just sitting down,” explained Shane Herman, the co-founder and fitness director of Midwest Fit Club.

Compound movements make for a quick in-office exercise routine that won’t even make you sweat.

Herman says to get started use the wall, your office chair, or if you have them, a lacrosse ball or resistance band to activate multiple muscles in the body.

“So you’re going to raise these up shoulder height, and you’re going to get a little outside shoulder width. “You’ll keep your arms straight, and you’re just going to open the band up, keeping a tight grip on there, to the chest, and then slowly release forward from there,” Herman said as he explains an exercise with a resistance band. “Again just like all this stuff, going 10 to 20 reps, maybe you’re going for time, we’re just trying to send a good healthy message here.”

And you could continue the healthy message on your way to and from the office by switching up your route to walk another block, parking a bit farther, or taking the stairs.

Midwest Fit Club has a corporate wellness program where their trainers can come out to your company to help develop a healthy workplace program.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.