IHSA 1A Boys Tennis Doubles State Championship 05.28.22

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We’re at Hersey High School, the site of the 1A Boys Tennis State Finals where the Benet Redwings seek to capture a doubles championship. John Yahiro and Patrick Burke take on Centennials Max and James Braun in the third place match, while Noah Bobofchak and Andrew Donovan take on Latin’s Will Benford and Sam Cutinho in the championship. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Doubles 3rd place

Moving on the third place doubles match, John Yahiro is forced to come up to return the ball by the net, and Max Braun sends a shot between the two of them for the score.

In the second set, the Brauns recouped. James Braun returns Yahiro’s save over his head for the score. They win the second set 6-3.

The Centennial carried their momentum into the second half, here, James Braun shows some solid skills near the net with this hard smash that sails past the Redwings. They win the third set 6-2 and claim third place.

Doubles Championship

Now on the championship match. This strong serve from Andrew Donovan is sent into the net by Will Benford and the Redwings are off to a good start.

Bobafchak now serving, and this is Donovan moving near the net and slices a shot that the Romans have no change of returning. The Benet duo takes the first set 6-1.

On to the second set, Benford returns Donovan’s serve and his shot is sent out of play, the Romans gain a point.

Donovan serving yet again, but this time Noah Bobofchak is able to send a sweeping shot across the court and Benet makes the second set an interesting one.

Now nearing the end of the second set, Benford and Donovan exchange a few quick shot near the net before Benford eventually sends a backhand out of the reach of the Redwings. Latin takes the second set 7-5.

In the third set, this is Bobofchak and Benford trading forehand shots before Cutinho steps in with a well-placed backhand. The Roman duo wins the third set 6-2 and they walk away as the 1A Boys Doubles tennis champions.

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