Andrew wins IHSA Girls Bowling Regionals and Naperville Central’s Duffrin and Neuqua’s Edwards advance

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It’s time for the IHSA Girls Bowling Regionals at Romeoville’s Bowlero.  Neuqua Valley, Naperville Central, and Naperville North are all there looking to advance to next weekend’s Sectionals tournament.  The top foue teams will advance while the top 10 individuals from non-qualifying schools will also advance. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Neuqua Valley opens the IHSA Girls Bowling Regional

We start with Neuqua Valley as the Wildcats with Surina Merai’s shot goes Brooklyn but is able to plow the pins down for the strike.

 Later Suhana Merchant also goes Brooklyn but needs help from a sliding pin to take care of the 6 and 10 pins for the strike.  

The Wildcats are led by all-conference bowler Chanel Edwards looking to make big strides in her sophomore season.  She buries the ball perfectly into the pocket on both of these strike attempts as she would lead Neuqua in overall score.

Teresa Duffrin leads the way for Naperville Central

Moving over to Central as the Redhawks look to keep up the pace.  Here Maddie Davila takes care of the 6-pin for an easy pickup in game four.  

Next, Megan Moreno keeps things clean on this 2-4-5 spare pickup to keep herself within reach.  

Leading the way for Central, however, is all-conference bowler Teresa Duffrin as she has a big tenth frame in game 5 plowing through the pocket on both shots for strikes.  Like Edwards, Duffrin would lead her team in the overall series.

Naperville North girls bowling wraps up their season

Naperville North also looks to create some damage.  Here Felicia Openshaw breaks through on this 1-3-8 spare attempt for the conversion.  

Next, we see Michelle Baek getting fancy on this 5-7 split spare attempt which just sends the 5-pin sliding into the 7-pin.

Ellie Child also comes up big on this Brooklyn shot which blows the pins down for a strike.

A fight for first place between familiar foes

As for the other teams, things would get dicey towards the lead.  Division rivals Lockport Township and Andrew would go to war for the overall lead.  After losing the lead in the afternoon session, the porters are charging to get back up led by the sibling duo of Paige and Alyvia Matiasek.  

Andrew looks to hold them off as the Thunderbolts are supercharged in the afternoon session.  With the combined firepower of Alexis Olson and Jana Mihalovich.  The bolts storm out in the afternoon session and continue to energize the fans in attendance.  

Another battle between division rivals is Plainfield North and East going head to head.  The Tigers are looking to make it back to Sectionals again as Ellie Boley and Kelci Keeton give the Tigers enough of a boost to keep themselves above the cutoff.  

Meanwhile, the Bengals are looking to make things difficult.  Moving into a transfer spot in the afternoon the Bengals are led by Amber Bozych and look to hold on for the Sectionals transfer.

Andrew wins the IHSA Girls Bowling Regionals at Romeoville’s Bowlero

At the end of the tournament, none of the DVC schools are able to transfer.  However, Teresa Duffrin and Chanel Edwards are able to advance individually finishing fourth and eighth respectively.  Winning the tournament overall is Andrew with a score of 5,604.  They win by 126 pins over Lockport who takes second.  Plainfield North hangs on to finish third, while Plainfield East sits comfortably in fourth.  Naperville Central finishes ninth while Neuqua and North finishes 13th and 14th. 

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