Baskin Family Basketball Tree at Central

March 1, 2021
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Baskin has been a name etched on to basketball jerseys at Naperville Central for the better part of a decade, which will soon be over with Kyle in his senior year. We explore in our feature story, presented by Edward Medical Group.

“I think it’s a cool thing too like I think a lot of people at Central recognize me because of my brothers or like even teachers will recognize me because of my brothers and I think that’s definitely like a cool experience that they kinda know who I am.”

At Naperville Central, Kyle Baskin is not the first time you’ve seen that last name on the Redhawk roster. Kyle follows older brothers Brandon and Nick, putting a Baskin brother in a Central uniform since 2014. Although the senior feels like he was involved early on, even before putting on the red and white jersey.

“I was always at Central Basketball games you know watching them play and it was kinda cool seeing their experiences and seeing mine I was even able to wear like the same exact jersey like both of my different brothers that was definitely like a cool experience and we’ve all been like involved in Central for like a long time.”

With Kyle being the youngest brother in the family, he considered Brandon and Nick role models while growing up.

“They’re huge role models in like basketball for sure and there’s definitely like a cool experience just like playing in the street or just playing in the driveway against them and we’re all definitely competitive and you know as I grew the definitely helped me develop and like grow my basketball game.”

The Baskin family is not the only generational name that has gone through Naperville Central. Head Coach Pete Kramer also witnessed his sons Nick and Aiden also rock the red and white.. Kramer believes that this family connection plays a huge role in making Central basketball successful.

“After the first one those kids coming up after that the second and third one that have a pretty good taste of what it’s all about and they usually are kinda slide right in and are ready to go.”

While coaching each Baskin, Coach Kramer knew that Brandon, Nick, and Kyle each brought a different style of competition.

“You look at the three Baskin brothers, Brandon was more of a defender and a rebounder, Nick was more of a catch and shoot kind of kid and defended and Kyle is more he play a lot off the dribble and attacks the basket so they all got their different game you’re not getting the same thing out of each one of them.”

Kramer’s son Aiden on the team this year as well. This is not the first time Kyle and Aiden have shared the hardwood.

“I’ve kinda known Aiden for a long time too like even before my brothers went through Central so i’ve had a good relationship with Mr. Kramer and all of us have and I think it’s kinda cool I think he likes having like families kinda come through he knows each of us and we’re all similar in our own ways and like different in our own ways too personality wise and on the court our game styles”

With Kyle being the last Baskin to attend Naperville Central, he believes that the name will always bleed red and white.

“All of us had like a great experience at Central there was never a different High School I wanted to go so I’ve really been like happy here and I’m gonna miss my time at Central but you know when I graduate I’ll be looking forward to like the next four years and like the next four experiences.”

Reporting for Naperville Sports Weekly I’m Patrick Codo.