Benet Academy Boys & Girls Sectional Cross Country 11.2.19

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Both the Benet Academy Girls and Boys competing at the Thornbridge Cross Country Sectional… and let’s start with the ladies, shall we. The lady wings right in the middle of the starting line wearing all red uniforms as they gun goes off.

The Girls

A little before the first mile, Lemont’s Kaylie Politza is in front followed by Nazareth;s Coletta Kinsella. Right on the tail of Kinsella is a pack of redwings including Emily Spellman, Joy Jackson, Louisa Diamon and Elisabeth Camie.

Midway through the final lap and Lemont’s Kaylie Politza and Benet’s Joy Jackson are neck and neck followed closely by Nazareth’s Kinsella.

Not far behind that pack is Emily Spellman in fourth. Amelia Parisi and Louisa Diamond also in the top ten for the Redwings.

Coming down the stretch, Nazareth’s Colette Kinsella finishes in first in 18:39, second place is Benet’s Joy Jackson. Lemont’s Kaylie Politza finishes in third with Emily Spellman in fourth in 18:58. The redwings had 7 runners in the top 10.

The Boys

Now over to the boys race, donning all white towards the left side of the starting black, and the boys dealing with a little bit of a muddy course after the girls race.

Almost one mile in and Hinsdale South’s Julian Watson and Benet’s Niklas Anderson lead a very compact pack.

Midway through the last lap and Hinsdale South’s Julian Watson still leading the pack, followed by Oak Forests’s Mike Reif and Rachards David Olmos. Close behind them though is Benet’s Niklas Anderson.

At the end of the three miles, Hinsdale South’s Julian Watson finishes in 16 minutes 17 seconds with Mike Reif 9 seconds behind him. Benet’s Niklas Anderson finishes in 16 minutes, 38 seconds in fourth. The wings would have 4 runners in the top ten including Sean Donnelly, Ben Grundman, and Dominic Adams. Both the Benet Academy boys and girls teams finish in first place at the sectional, qualifying for the state meet next weekend at Detweiler park.

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