Benet Academy boys volleyball falls in regionals to Glenbard South

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Postseason boys volleyball takes us to Glenbard South High School as the seventh-seed Raiders host the tenth-seed Benet Academy Redwings in the regional semifinals. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Benet Academy boys volleyball takes set one against Glenbard South

Benet begins the game on the offensive as Jacob Olejnik sets up Dominic Krzeczkowski, who slams it home for the kill. As a result, Benet takes an early lead of 6-3.

Glenbard South looks to cut the deficit as Michael Hines sets up Ben Zima, who makes solid contact to get the kill making it 8-4 in favor of the Redwings.

The Raiders continue to fight as Hines puts middle-blocker Sean Miller in a prime position to get the easy kill and tie it up 15-15 in set one.

The Redwings bend but don’t break as Aris Maurukas sets up Krzeczkowski, who sneaks the hit under the Raiders’ defense to earn the set point. Benet Academy takes set one 25-22.

Glenbard South rallies to win set two

The Redwings and Raiders battle back and forth in the second set. Here, Reed Hefley returns it to Thomas Galbraith, burying the ball in the Raider’s backcourt, giving Benet the slim lead of 12-11.

The Raiders, though, take back the lead, Benet does a good job keeping the rally alive, but Hines’ sneaky hit gets past Benet’s defense. Raiders take the lead 14-13 in set two.

Glenbard South gets a slim lead near the end of set two, and Hines gets the kill at the net once again. The match is tied as the Raiders take set two 25-20.

The Raiders win set three to complete the comeback

The Redwings come out flying in set three as Krzeczkowski uses all of his 6′ 8 frame to get over the ball and slam it home for the kill. Benet leads early in set three, 4-1.

The Raiders turn defense into offense as Owen Gibson stuffs the Benet hit at the net. The Raiders cut the deficit making it 5-6.

The battle continues into the third set, where outside hitter Tristan Sounthala slams the ball through the Benet defense to earn the kill. The Raiders again come from behind to lead 22-18.

Glenbard South seals the victory after a Benet net violation and wins set three 25-22.

The Raiders advance to the regional finals, coming from behind to beat Benet Academy two sets to one.

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