Benet Academy football picks up a much needed 23-13 win over St. Patrick

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Another week, another Saturday matinee for the Benet Academy Redwing football team as they hope to bounce back after a tough loss to St. Laurence. Benet football takes on the 2-4 St. Patrick Shamrocks who are also need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Ryan Kubacki dropping dimes right away

The Redwings have the ball and QB Ryan Kubacki draws up the play fake and takes a shot to a steaking Rocky Rosanova for a 51-yard touchdown. It’s 7-0 Benet early in the first. 

Benet is hoping to add some more in the second quarter so Kubacki keeps it but Declan O’Malley and the Shamrock defense stops him and St Pat’s takes over after a turnover on downs. 

Then there is the Benet defense making plays. Will Van Someren chases down Colin Hay and sacks him for a safety to make it 9-0 Redwings.

The defensive battle continues in the second quarter. Johnny Crawford strips sacks Kubacki and Aiden Gomez falls on it for the turnover to give St. Patrick the ball

Shamrocks strike on 4th down

It’s the Shamrock’s turn for a 4th down conversion so Hay finds an open Joe Fico who finds a lane and takes it in for a 31-yard touchdown. That play cuts the deficit to 9-7.

Before the halftime break, Kubacki drops back to pass and finds his man Rosanova who hauls it in and scores his second touchdown of the game. It’s 16-7 Redwings heading into halftime. 

THe Redwings have the ball in the second half as Kubacki finds Mikey Burk who picks but fumbles the ball and at the last second. Ryan Birt comes into your picture and it’s another turnover for the Shamrock defense.

However, the Redwing D helps out the O. First, Van Someren and Liam Rooney team up to take down Hay for a loss in the backfield

Burk and redemption

Then Hay is trying to find anybody open before he gets hit as he throws. Here comes Burk with redemption, getting of turnover of his own. Revenge lives in his DNA.

Redwings with a dagger TD

So Kubacki rewards the efforts of the defense by finding an open Sean McKeague who jukes a defender and takes it to the endzone from 41 yards out. The score is now 23-7 Benet heading into the fourth.

With over five minutes left the Shamrocks aren’t going away quietly. Hay finds an open Birt for a much needed touchdown. They miss the two-point conversion and now trail 23-13. 

St. Patrick gets the ball back and the connection seems to work so Hay finds Birt again for a big play to keep the game alive.

One last chance for the visitors but Van Someren comes for the sack to stop the threat. Benet Academy picks up a huge win 23-13 over St. Patrick. Now the Redwings begin a two-game road stand starting with defending state champion, Loyola next Saturday.

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