Benet Academy vs Glenbard North Playoff Football 11.1.19

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First round of playoff action for 7A Benet Academy as they face off against Glenbard North. The Redwings welcome back senior QB Colin Gillespie and hold the 17th seed while the Panthers sit in the 16th spot.

First Half

Opening drive for the Panthers as QB Michael Vazquez gets the short pass to Kobie Jameson. He gets the big gain as he goes towards the end zone. He thinks he makes it all the way but actually steps out of bounds.

First and Goal for the panthers still on their opening drive. Jordan McQuarters gets the hand off and punches his way past the goal line fro two yards out. GBN leads 7-0 with 5 minutes lef tin the first.

Panthers up 14-0 in the second quarter and McQuarters doing a lot of work in this first half of football. He gets touchdown number two as he zips his way in with under 3 minutes left until the break. 21-0 GBN.

On the ensuing kickoff, the panthers throws a surprise onside kick and catch the redwings napping. The panthers recover to continue their offensive domination.

Time winding down in the second and who else but McQuarters. He runs in his third touchdown of the first half, grabbing the hat trick and extending the panthers lead up 28-0.

Panthers seriously taking advantage in this second quarter. After a redwing fumble, GBN finds themselves in the redzone again, Vazquez heaves one to Angelo Cusumano who gets both feet in. Panthers walk in to the locker room leading 35-0.

Second Half

Benet trying to get something started in the second half. Colin Gillespie completes a pass to Jacob Snell to grab a first down, but they wouldn’t go any further and turn the downs back over a few plays later.

In to the fourth quarter, Panthers again in the Redzone, but Cordell Smiley runs to the outside and coughs up the ball and Benet recovers giving them another offensive chance.

Benet Academy would find the end zone just once in this playoff matchup. And it wouldn’t be a small play either, Michael O’Connor heaves up an 81 yard pass to Pierce Walsh who turns on the jets to find pay dirt but that’s all she wrote for the Redwings as they end their season 6-4.

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