Benet Academy vs. Glenbard West Boys Tennis 5.14.19

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Last regular season tune up before sectional boys tennis begins this weekend as the Redwings of Benet Academy travel to Glen Ellyn to face Glenbard West.

One Doubles

We begin with one doubles as junior Danny McGuigan and freshman Andrew Donovan from Benet face a tough challenge against seniors Griffin Foster and Christo Maltby for the Hilltoppers.

A good back and forth in set one with all four players getting in on the action, but eventually its Glenbard West who comes away with the point and a 6-1 first set win thanks to a strong smash.

Hilltoppers serving in the far court and BA is ready, splitting the defense with a strong shot as the Redwings take the game.

Benet trying to go on a run as they pick up another point on a quick return that once again splits the court down the middle.

But the Glenbard West pair is just too much to handle, a great back hand with a whole lot of spin just dies near the net. Hilltoppers take one doubles in straight sets.

Two Doubles

Now over to two doubles with Cole Jenkins and Joey Kent from Glenbard West taking on Luke Gerken and Cal O’Connor from Benet. Gerken one of the few seniors on the Benet team.

Gerken serving in the near court and a long volley follows with the ball being played close to the net and near the back line on both sides, eventually it’s Cal O’Connor who knocks home the point for the Redwings.

Gerken still serving and this point goes a little faster, O’Connor smashes the return down and over everyone’s head for another Benet point.

Glenbard West would go on a run from there as another impressive volley goes back and forth, before eventually the Redwings find the net. Glenbard West takes the win in two sets and sweeps all four doubles matches on the day.

Two Singles

Two singles finds sophomore Ben Paoni of Benet facing Glenbard West freshman Sully Monteith.

Monteith in control both of the match, Paoni puts up a solid fight, especially when facing match point here, but the young Hilltopper takes the win 6-1, 6-2 to keep things rolling for Glenbard.

One Singles

Over to one singles as BA freshman John Yahiro goes one on one with senior Alex Kernagis.

In set number one, Yahiro on a roll after two straight games won, make it three in a row thanks to a strong ace, one of several on the day.

But Kernagis battles back from three games down to take the first set 7-5 thanks to a strong serve game of his own.

Yahiro looks to force a third set and shots like this will help as the Redwing finds a spot down the line for the point.

Kernagis just too strong on senior day, playing a solid rally before forcing his opponent to the back line and a shot that finds the net. Another two set win for the Toppers.

Three Singles

Three singles matches up a pair of freshman with J.T. Gialluisi of Glenbard West and Noah Bobofchak from Benet.

Bobofchak is ready in set number one with a sharp return that freezes his opponent, the Redwing takes the first set 6-4.

The second set Bobofchak fully gains control when Gialluisi makes a nice shot, but he can’t get a read on the return that barely stays in play on the back line. Bobofchak takes the win in three singles in straight sets while Glenbard West takes the meet 6-1.

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