Benet Academy vs Homewood Flossmoor Girls Basketball 11.26.19

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It’s Thanksgiving weekend which means it’s time for the Tip Off Tournament at Naperville Central. One of the co-hosts Benet Academy facing off against Homewood Flossmoor. The redwings sit 3-0 on the year going in to this game.

First Half

HF gets the opening basket but Benet keeping pace early. Kendall Holmes moves through traffic and gets the lay in to fall to tie the game up early.

Not even a full minute later and Benet Academy takes the lead. Ashley Barry pushing down court, kicks it out to Holmes who drains the triple for the wings to take the lead 5-3.

In to the second quarter HF trailing, the Vikings slow things down, passing around the horn until Grace Hall releases for the three ball to cut in to the wings lead, 21-17.

Second Half

In to the third quarter and HF in the lead now. Benet not to be discouraged, Morgan Demos gets the overhead pass down low and pops in the lay in. Benet trailing by 2.

Vikings Grace Hall can land from distance but she also can shoot inside the key too. Hitting the jumper for two more of her 14 points as HF leads by 4.

Still in the third quarter, Benet’s quick passing leads to Allison Forney being open. She takes her shot at the top of the arch to cut in to the Vikings lead, 27-23.

Homewood still leading, Isis Fitch sees the lane and takes it with power, gives a little spin and tosses the rock up and gets the ball to fall, Vikings still lead 29-23.

In to the final stanza Benet trailing by 3 but their defense helping the situation, pressing hard and getting a few traps and then Brook Schramek picks up the loose ball and hits the lay up. Wings down 1.

Just a few seconds later, HF leading 36-33, Benet takes one shot, it doesn’t land, Ashley Barry gets the rebound out tries again, no luck but on the third time, Barry gets the three ball to tie the game up at 36s with seconds left in the game.

After a foul on HF in bonus, Kendall Moriarty lands her free throw for Benet to take the lead and then a technical foul off of the Vikings allows Kendall Holmes to take four free throws, she makes three of them, for Benet to pull away with the slim victory, 41-36.

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