Benet Academy vs Naperville Central Boys Soccer 10.8.19

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Benet Academy brings their 10-1-1 record to Naperville Central to challenge the Redhawks who hold the #2 seed behind Naperville North in the Lockport Sectional which starts in two weeks.

First Half

Starting in the first half and Central trying to get thrings going early but Nico Courpmitree’s hard kick is scooped up by Vitro Staniskis.

Benet on the run, still in the first half, Nick Augustyn with some fancy footwork, sends one flying, it goes off another redwing’s head but then bounces just wide of tht net. Scoreboard still empty.

The wings would pick up momentum from Nick Renfro. He boots one from the 20 yard line and it sails in to the back of the net to put BA up 1-nil with 25 minutes left in the first half.

Still in the first half and Benet looking to double their lead. Renfro getting fancy with his feet then gets the ball over to Augstyn but Central’s Caden Redpath is ready for anything airborne and stops the shot.

Just three minutes left until intermission and Central trying to even it up but the shot riquotes off the crossbar and BA leads 1-0 at half.

Second Half

In to the second half and central still looking for the equalizer Mitch Becker puts some nice air on the ball but Stanikis makes a diving save to keep the wings in the lead.

Central with one last chance as Becker kicks it in but he gets called for off sides and Benet Academy escapes Memorial stadium with a 1-0 victory.

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