Benet Academy vs Naperville North Girls Tennis 9.11.19

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Time for a non-conference girls tennis match at Naperville North as they host Benet Academy. Starting us off in #1 doubles is Irene and Tiffany Zhang against Redwings Kaitlyn Lee and Kendall Schrader.

#1 Doubles

Irene serving in the back and then a quick volley starts to take place. Tiffany at the net gets a couple good hits until she slams one down for the point.

Little later, it’ll be Irene with the serve and then the great return down the line that lands the huskies a point.

But then the Redwings get going with Schrader hitting the return, splitting the Zhang’s right down the middle.

After the Redwings take the first set and then continue their strong efforts into the second as Lee finds open court with the attack.

Benet on the move now, returning a couple great balls at the net and back line until the take the point, the set, and the match in straight sets 6-3, 6-2.

#1 Singles

Now we move over to #1 singles with Benet’s Daniella Nenadovich against Huskie Ava Heshelman. The redwing moves up to the net quick and it pays off as Heshelman hits the ball over and out.

Ava will get in the grove a little later as she gets a hold of a return and send it over and the redwing cannot bring it back for the north point.

Nenadovich takes the first set and quickly moves to the second where she delivers strong hits to clean up quick, taking the match in two… Benet Academy would also sweep the huskies on the day in all 7 matches.

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