Benet Academy vs Providence Hockey 2.26.20

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There it is. the trophy for Chicago Catholic Hockey League Championship Game and both Benet Academy and Providence Catholic want to bring that beauty home.

First Period

First period and we got a defensive battle as Providences Aidan Tarinor’s shot on goal is denied by Benet’s Liam Casto.

Benet now trying to score early but Luke Brzezinski denies the Kyle Walch opportunity. Still goose eggs on the board

However Benet has other ideas as Tommy MacDonald with the long pass ends up in the back of the net Red Wings up 1-0.

Second Period

2nd period and Benet is on the attack as Kyle Walch finds the loose puck, brings it up, and scores as Benet now leads 2-0.

However were just getting started as Providence’s Tom Davis has the pucks and shoots the goal shushing the crowd as Benet’s lead is cut down to one goal.

Time winding down in the second as the Celtics look to tie the game but Liam Casto dives to the ground for the save. 41 saves for Casto on the night.

Third Period

3rd period and fasten your seatbelts Tom Davis with the puck putting on some moves before shooting where momma keeps the cookies… his second goal ties things up at 2.

Celtics attacking as the puck is loose but Peyton Botich quickly reacts and scores it’s 3-2 Providence with a little leap.

3-2 Celtics with a half a minute left and Benet’s Christiano Dibenedetto sneaks that puck into the net tying the game at 3 and we are heading to overtime.

Not even two minutes in and Benet Academy has a plan as Anthony Klos passes the puck only for it to go in the back of the net. Benet win’s the Kennedy cup 4-3 in overtime over Prodvidence for CCHL Championship. Up next Blackhawk Cup playoffs vs Saint Ignatius.

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