Benet Academy vs St. Ignatius Hockey 12.15.19

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We hit the ice at the Fifth Third Arena as Benet Academy faces off against St. Ignatius. The redwings look to rebound after losing to Providence the night before.

First Period

Benet on the attack early and the puck looks like it’s about to clear but it lands at JT Kelly’s feet and with the long shot let loose, it finds the back of the net and Benet is up early.

Still in the first period, and the Redwing force the puck away from St. Ignatius. Anthony Klos chasing it down and then just flicks the wrist to double the wings lead 2-0.

After a penalty shot gets St. Ignatious on the board, they even it up in the first period as Bobby Eber gets a good look for the goal. Game all knotted at 2s at the end of the first.

Second Period

The redwings again attacking early in the second period. JT Kelly gets the pass up top, takes a second and then hits the puck towards the post, you hear it ding in to the net as Benet takes the lead once more 3-2.

Still in the second, St. Ignatious on the offensive attack. Max Pasiennik works through defenders somehow gets this crazy goal to go to even the game up once more at 3s.

Third Period

Third and final period with St. I looking for the lead. Patrick O’Connell coming from the outside, lifts his stick just enough to get the puck airborn to hit the back of the net. Pack gets their first lead of the game.

And they don’t slow down as Benet seems to lose the puck, Pasiennik tracks it down and scores his third goal of the game for the hat trick, making the score 5-3.

Both teams add on a score, 6-4 now with St Ignatius in the lead late in the third. Off the face off, the puck gets kicked to the top, Kelly takes a shot, it doesn’t go but Christian DeBenedtto gets the rebound to cut into the packs lead, 6-5.

Under two minutes left and DiBenedetto gets a hat trick on the night as this goal ties the game up at 6 apiece and we head to overtime.


St. Ignatius gets a good look in extra time but Benet’s William Janus gets the save to keep the tie and the wings hopes alive.

At the end of overtime, neither team is able to find the back of the net even though it was found 12 times during regulation… the game ends with a tie with two different kids grabbing hat tricks on the night.

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