Benet Academy vs St. Laurence Football 10.4.19

October 5, 2019
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Benet Academy on the road, facing off against St. Laurence. The Redwings are 5-0 on the year so far and defeated the Vikings 27-10 last year at Northern Illinois. St. Laurence enters this game sitting at 3-2.

First Quarter

Four and a half minutes left to go in the first quarter. Colin Gilespie in the redzone drops back and looks at his options before deciding he better take it himself. The QB opens up scoring 7-0.

Just a minute later and St. Laurence responds. Brailyn Johnson gets the shuttle pass and evades some tackles before going 50 yards to even up the game early at 7 apiece.

Seconds left on the clock in the first and St. Laurence looks to take the lead. Nate Thomas goes 72 yards to the house after barreling through some tackles to put the Vikings in to the lead going in to the second quarter.

Second Quarter

Into the second now and Benet sitting at first and goal. Gilespie hands off to Sean Torres who goes the short yardage to even up the game at 14s.

Third Quarter

Game still tied after the break, with 10:30 left to play in it. Gillespie’s pass is deflected by Aaron Wofford and then intercepted by Damion Rhoden which leads to a field goal and STL is up 17-14.

Under seven minutes to play in the third now and Jacob Snell showing off his strength. He catches the feed and then pulls his defender about 20 yards before going down resulting in a first down.

Few plays later and Benet looking to capitalize off of Snells power but Gillespies pass is picked off by Damion Rhoden in the end zone to halt their chances.

Fourth Quarter

It’s not just St. Laurence who are getting some turnovers though. At the beginning of the fourth quarter Snells hit forces the ball loose and it’s recovered by Daniel Glimco.

Two minutes later and Gillespies ten yard pass gets to Luza Hall to put the wings back in the lead 21-17.

And despite this big St Laurence run by Nate Thomas… who also looses his shoe in the process. Benet Academy would force a turnover on downs with two minutes remaining on the clock, sealing their conference win, and keeping them undefeated on the year.

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