Benet Academy vs. Whitney Young Girls Basketball 2.19.19

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Thing are getting serious for the Benet Academy girls basketball team… they look to advance to the sectional championship game for the 6th year in a row… but first, they face off against the 2 seeded dolphins from Whitney Young.

Straight in to the first quarter, Clara PRasse going full speed ahead, stops and kicks it to Kendall Holmes in the corner for 3. Benet off to a nice start, leading 13-5.

Early in the 2nd, Whitney Young trying to hang on, Timia Ware drains the step back three, dolphins trail by 6.

Seems to just be a three point battle here… still in the 2nd, Benet passing around, ends up with Ashley Berry who hits the triple. Wings up 32-26.

Timia Ware seems to just have this effortless three point shot… draining another 3 pointer, cutting benets lead to 5.

Still in the third, Another huge play here and who else?? Kendal Holmes with the bucket and the foul. She ends the night with 24 points, Benet up 48-40.

Final stanza action, Benet trying to pull away. Prasse with another solid pass to junior Lexi Moriarty for the corner three, 60-48.

The dolphins trying to rally together in the fourth.. Kayla Green gets the hoop and the harm, helping her to 24 points on the night and slashing the benet lead to 13.

But the motivation to get back to the sectional finals was too much for the dolphins. Brook Schramek ices the game with free throws and the Benet Academy  redwings advance to avenge last years sectional final loss to Montini.