Benet’s Andrew Rogers Rounds Out Team Effort with Kill

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Benet’s Andrew Rogers was the one who got the kill at the end of the point, but it was a team effort starting with the serve that earns them this week’s Play of the Week presented by Aurelio’s of Naperville. 

The Play

We head back to Benet Academy Boys Volleyball for this weeks play of the week. It’s always nice when a team really works together to get a point… especially in volleyball. This play starts off with a solid serve from Sean Becker that throws their opponents out of rotation, ultimately resulting in a free ball. Benet knows exactly what to do with that… Matthew Degnan back sets Andrew Rogers for the hard kill down the line and just like that Benet grabs the point. Watching a team gel together has got to make a coach happy… sure made me happy for this weeks play of the week.

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