Boys Tennis Naperville North vs. Neuqua Valley 04.22.21

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It’s been over 700 days since our last DVC boys tennis match. Neuqua Valley hosting Naperville North tennis as the season is finally underway. The Wildcats with a freshman, Johnny Mou at number one singles against Huskie junior Zach Slade.

One Singles

Mou serves in the near court, he hits a forehand that forces Slade to a high lob return. The freshman waits and delivers the smash for the point. Mou takes set one 6-2.

Slade in the near court in set two now and we have a lengthy back and forth rally. Slade sticking with the forehand for most of this volley until dropping the backhand at the end that Mou can not get enough of to get over the net. Slade takes the point.

Slade serving and building momentum as once again he takes a little off his return, keeping his opponent off balance for another point.

But the young Wildcat responds. Working out of the far court, a couple great forehands including a brilliant shot he keeps in play down the line. Johnny Mou gets the win 6-2, 6-4.

Two Singles

In two singles the experience level advantage flips teams as Naperville North turns to sophomore Luke Fernandez while Neuqua Valley has senior Naveen Bagchi.

With no season last year, this is the first varsity match for Fernandez and you can tell there were some nerves off the bat. Bagchi puts a little english on the ball, eventually forcing a shot into the net. The senior takes set one 6-0.

But the Huskie sophomore finds his footing in set two, check out this perfectly placed backhand return that goes over the head of Bagchi. Nothing you can do about that one. Fernandez takes set two 7-5.

In the third set, Bagchi serves from the far court, Fernandez comes up to the net and manages a few quick returns. But the Wildcat is equal to the challenge and Fernandez eventually finds the net. Bagchi wins in three sets 6-0, 5-7, 6-1.

One Doubles

Another exciting matchup is at one doubles. Neuqua Valley seniors Tyler Beck and Jack Considine pairing up this year. The Naperville North top tennis duo is sophomores Nathan Lee and Dovydas Jasinauskas.

Beck and Considine both qualified for state in doubles in 2019, but with separate partners. The Wildcats look pretty in sync early with a 6-3 first set win.

The Huskies battle back and take an early lead in the second set, Jasinauskas serves and Lee smashes the point home.

North serves in the far court now, and this time it’s Jasinauskas who splits the court with a forehand smash. Huskies force a tiebreaker in the second set at 6-6.

But Neuqua regroups, Beck with a return just out of the reach of Jasinauskas and Considine takes advantage with a smash. Wildcats pull back ahead.

In the end the veteran pair in blue and gold just too much as they take the tie breaker 7-3, winning a tough battle in two sets. Neuqua Valley picks up the early season team win 7-0.

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