Boys Tennis Neuqua Valley vs. Waubonsie Valley 04.28.22

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Neuqua Valley boys tennis takes on Waubonsie Valley in a War of 204 where the Wildcats take the victory over the Warriors. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

It’s a War of 204 on the tennis courts as the hosting Waubonsie Valley Warriors battle their rivals in the Neuqua Valley Wildcats.

Three Singles

We begin with three singles as Neuqua’s Aryaman Vala takes on Waubonsie’s Smayan Tayal.

The two opponents start a rally at the net until Tayal smashes the ball and it gets past Vala, giving the point to the Warrior.

Later in the match, Tayal does a nice job hustling to his left to dig this ball out. Vala tries for the return, but it misses and hits the net.

But it would be Vala coming out on top on this solid serve that trips up his foe. The Warrior takes this one in three sets.

Two Singles

We have two singles with Frank Agrella from WV facing Divyye Chawra from Neuqua.

These two battled for two sets like a true rivalry match. Agrella runs up the court for a forehand, Chawra’s shot goes sailing out of bounds, and the point goes to Waubonsie.

Although, Chawra fights back as he whips this shot to the back corner, then goes right back to the same spot and Agrella can’t return it.

The Wildcat’s forehand proved to be effective in this competitive match. No, this is not a replay. He goes back to the well again attacking the back corner. He wins in two sets 6-4, 6-4.

One Doubles

Let’s check out some doubles matches with Waubonsie’s Aiden Lam and Jackson Jiang against Jonah Grover and Sid Javeri in one doubles.

Lam serving for the Warriors and it’s a good one as Grover can’t get it over the net. That’s an ace for Waubonsie.

The Neuqua pairing answers as Javeri is able to hit a great shot while falling to his right. Although, the Warrior duo picks up the 6-1, 7-6 two-set win.

Two Doubles

We end the day with two doubles. Varad Rasalkar and Rishi Mahadevan from Waubonsie versus Kai Sun and Tyler Yu from Neuqua.

The Wildcats are serving. Watch this play by Rasalkar as he gets close to the net and smashes the ball to the court. An emphatic shot by the Warrior.

However, this match is dominated by the Neuqua duo as they convert on the return and win the match 6-1, 6-0. The Wildcats also take the overall team matchup 5-2.

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