Boys Volleyball Metea Valley vs. Neuqua Valley 05.11.21

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Metea Valley boys volleyball comes into this match up with Neuqua Valley with high expectations and an eye on upsetting the rival. This highlight is presented by BMO Harris Bank.

It’s always a match up circled in red sharpie for these two teams… Neuqua Valley and Metea Valley matching up on the hardwood for supremacy.

We open early in the first set – Mustangs find themselves in a groove off the bat, with Aiden Murphy dishing to Chad Luckinbill for the kill – it’s 2-1 Metea.

Neuqua has an answer moments later, with Mason Dentzmann throwing up a wall on that far side. Tight one in the beginning stages.

It stays that way throughout the entire first set – in fact, we’re fast forwarding and the score is now 20-20 and this is just a mind-blowing sequence. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many single-handed hits in one rally – this might set the record. And of course it ends with a pinpoint set on the sideline. 21-20 Mustangs.

That kicks off a little rally for Metea, with Mart Chmielewski reacting to the accidental free ball by Neuqua. And the Mustangs are up 23-20.

End of the first set, right? Eh… not quite. The Wildcats recover and despite being a little out of system, Dentzman isn’t fazed. He shoves it across the twine and we’re all tied up.

That sets the stage for this fantastic play. Laurynas Kanopka puts it up for Murphy to set right back to him… and then Kanopka switches hands mid air! It catches Neuqua off guard and we’re now in a 27-27 opening set.

And so with Metea leading by one, it’s Neuqua’s turn looking for the equalizer, but Michael Tronolone says… nah, we’re good. Mustangs take the first set 31-29.

So Neuqua tries to regroup for the second set… but, it’s more of the same. Metea comes out on fire, ripping off four straight points, capped by this Dhananjay Parthiban block the has the Mustangs feeling comfy.

Maybe a little too comfy though.. because here come the Wildcats. Sunny Li serves up an ace and Neuqua surges ahead 12-8

Keeping the pressure on, the Wildcats look to middle blocker Nadun Gajapala for a point, and he gets the job done. 14-10 Neuqua.

So can Metea answer to this extended Wildcat run? Short answer? Yeah… Luckinbill tosses a change up at Neuqua and that’ll do the trick. Suddenly it’s the Mustangs up 22-19. Neuqua calls timeout and Metea is pumped!

Refusing to go down easy, the Wildcats hang around – Gajapala once again stands tall at the net and rejects the Mustang attempt. Its 22-all.

But Metea comes up with the clutch plays on this night and overcomes rival Neuqua thanks to this kill from Tronolone and the Mustangs take it in two thrilling sets.

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