Central’s Ava Lucibello Pulls Double Duty on Homecoming Weekend

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Central’s Ava Lucibello enjoys being busy and on her homecoming weekend, the accomplished equestrian proved that true by pulling double duty! Check out her story, presented by Molly Maids of the Aurora Naperville Area.

Her Story

After the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, October 19th, Ava Lucibello went to an after party, and suddenly realized:

“I have to be up in three hours.”

Lucibello didn’t just have to be awake in three hours, she also had to be ready to run the Naperville Education Foundation 5K.

On top of waking up when all her other peers slept in on that Sunday, Ava also raised over $900 for Ellsworth, her old Elementary school.

Lucibello, also an accomplished equestrian, didn’t realize that the race lined up on the same weekend as the fall dance, but enjoys staying busy and rose to the challenge of doing both.

The sophomore wants to run again next year, and maybe even convince some friends to sign up with her too… even if the race and dance fall on the same weekend. It’s all ready been proven she can dance the night away and then run for a good cause as the sun rises.

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