Central’s Brad Sanford Helps Team to State Title

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Central’s Brad Sanford had to sit out part of the season but he jumped back in at the right time to help Naperville Central win back to back state titles and this week’s Play of the Week, presented by Aurelio’s of Naperville!

The Play

Boys play of the week and we have to look at a back to back state champion… how could we not. In the highlight I mentioned how Brad Sanford was out for part of the season… but he did jump in to the state pool and made quite a splash. The first of two goals didn’t come easily as he was getting mauled by defenders but still manages to find the back of the net. The second one, little easier when you put some muscle behind it. It was a big team effort but Central’s Brad Sanford gets this weeks play of the week with the comeback story of the season helping the team win the state title for the third time in four years.

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