DeKalb vs. Metea Valley Football 9.28.19

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Metea Valley holding its homecoming on a wet and soggy Friday night. Mustangs quarterback Logan Frederick trying to pick up Metea’s second win of the season. Dekalb the opponent, entering 2-2.

First Quarter

Opening quarter, no score. Frederick looking for his brother Austin over the middle, but Trenton McCollum steps in front of the pass for the pick.

Mustang defense standing tall though. On third down, the Barbs hand off to Jalon Redmond, but he’s turned away at the line of scrimmage. Fourth down and a punt.

First quarter, 5 to play, no score – two-way star CJ Wilcox is the catalyst for the pressure on Trenton Kyler. Big loss on third down leads to a punt.

Ensuing possession, Frederick takes off down field, using a nifty block from Wilcox to get the edge – that’ll set the Mustangs up in the red zone.

Coach John Parpet mulling it over with Frederick – and they opt to hand it off to Elijay Wright… he bowls his way in – Mustnags strike first, up 7-0.

Second Quarter

Second quarter now, Kyler launching the ball downfield and into the endzone – and a great catch from Alex Siebens ties the game at 7.

Kyler must’ve been feeling good because he’s heaving it again – instead, this time, Metea’s Ryan Bingham nabs the interceptions and he is off… to… the… races! Pick 6… Metea up 14-7.

Just a minute, 46 left in the half and DeKalb looking to Redmond again – ties the game at 14… and then… we’re fast-forwarding to Saturday – lightning storms forcing a suspension of play.

Third Quarter

So picking up action in the second half… and just like the night before, Metea causing problems on defense. Another pick sets the offense up near midfield.

And they capitalize – Elijah Wright takes the plunge up the middle – and the Mustangs once again lead 21-14.

Talk about plunges… Trenton McCollum is doing everything it takes to get across the goal line to end the third quarter – we’re all tied up again.

Fourth Quarter

Under 4 to play in the game, DeKalb with it and handing off to Redmond, who just bull-dozes his way in. The lead now 31-24 for the Barbs.

Just a shade over two minutes left, Frederick throwing up a deep ball to Wilcox… and the running back makes the grab! And he’s in for the score! Metea down just 1

The two point conversion try? No good – Frederick goes down… and so too, do the Mustangs. DeKalb wins it… 31-30.