DeKalb vs Naperville Central Football 10.18.19

October 19, 2019
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It’s a big game at Naperville Central as they celebrate their homecoming and are in need of two more wins with only two games left in the year in order to make playoffs. The Redhawks welcome DVC opponent DeKalb to their field for the big game.

First Quarter

Opening kickoff, Redhawks receiving and they don’t need to be told twice that tonight is a must win. Central’s Keon Green grabs the ball and goes zipping up field. He avoids the defense and shakes off a tackle before finding the end zone to put the hawks up early 7-0.

One minute later and the barbs turn to get on the board. Trenton Kyler heaves up a pass to Alex Siebens at mid field for a huge gain in yards for the barbs.

Which they then would take advantage of… and put our camera mans life at risk… Trenton McCollum comes barreling to the corner of the end zone, finds the end zone and scaring our guy. Game tied at 7s.

7 and a half minutes left in the first and the barbs making move offensively again. McCollum gets the ball and goes alllll the way down field for another touchdown, DeKalb would miss the PAT but now lead 13-7.

Still in the first quarter and Central looking to respond. Sam Jackson, scrambling moves out of pocket and then trows to Bo Turner near the sideline. Turner cuts back in and then weaves his way through defenders down the sideline for the Redhawks to take the lead once more 14-13.

Second Quarter

Just finally moving to the second quarter. Naperville Central trailing 16-14, that is until Jackson finds Jadon Thompson in stride in the back of the end zone for the Redhawks to regain the lead 21-16.

It’s clearly a back and fourth battle, 6 minutes to play until halftime, Trenton Kyler finds Avery Medina on the screen but the Redhawks defense stops him in his tracks for a loss in yards.

While the defense is showing their strength, clearly so is the redhawk offense. 5 minutes until the break and Sam Jackson using his legs. He cuts in then out, dodging the defense to grab the first down.

Naperville Central still working their way down field with seconds left in the first half, Jackson throws a short pass to Green for his second touchdown of the night and the hawks go in to the locker room leading 28-16.

Third Quarter

Barbs not going away easily. Third quarter and Kyler connects with Donovan Lacey for the huge gain in yards and the first down. Barbs now marching…

Or are they??? Redhawk Shane Roth gets in the way of DeKalb and gets a pick 6, going 85 yards back to the house to extend the redhawk lead 34-16.

Still in the third quarter and the Redhawks aren’t taking their foot off the gas. Jackson throws a screen pass to Green who shrugs off the Barbs D for the touchdown but getting injured on the play. Hawks up 41-16.

Fourth Quarter

Everyone’s favorite part of the cake is the icing… and this is it. Fourth Quarter and Jadon Thompson just doing everything right. The Barbs go for the touchdown pass but instead, Thompson leaps up, grabs it and then… does this… bobbing and weaving his way past defends for the 100 yard pick 6 securing the victory for the redhawks, 48-16.

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