DeKalb vs Neuqua Valley Football 9.20.19

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Opening up conference action, the DeKalb Barbs travel to Neuqua Valley as their first conference game in the DVC.

First Quarter

We pick things up late in the 1st Qtr – Neuqua Valley’s Quarterback Mark Gronowski is able to find Nick Pastore for the big gain

A few plays later and the Wildcats reward Pastore with a touchdown that puts the Cats up 7 , 14-7

Second Quarter

2nd Quarter now and Dekalb looks to answer….Trenton Kyler drops back and is able to find his receiver Alex Siebens in the end zone to tie things up at 14!

Late 2nd Quarter now and things start to get crazy….a bad snap by NV puts QB Mark Gronowski in a tough situation and he ends up having to take a safety! Dekalb takes the lead 16-14 with 1 minute left in the half

Dekalb looks to take advantage of the field position after the safety, and watch this play, Wide Receiver Alex Siebens gets the ball behind the line of scrimmage and launches it downfield to find Donovan Lacey for the touchdown! Dekalb now leads 23-14

but there is still time in the half for NV to do some damage and they do just that…Garrett Stare who now has a knack for making plays just before halftime….takes the kickoff all the way for a touchdown! Huge play to keep the cats in the game. 23-21 at Halftime

Second Half

After a much needed break in the action – Dekalb looks to pick things back up as they are able to pound in another touchdown to increase their lead to 9. 30-21 now

Neuqua feels the pressure now, QB Mark Gronowski looks to make a play and does…he finds his receiver Sean Larkin for the 1st down

few plays later and it’s Gronowski doing damge through the ai again as he finds Patrick Hoffman for the touchdown. NV only down 2! 30-28

NV’s defense is able to get a big stop to get their offense the ball back and Gronowski is looking to cash in….he finds Sean Larkin again for a big 1st down…and the Cats are marching

Moments later Mark Gronowski calls his own number and takes it in for the touchdown! Neuqua has finally clawed their way back in to the lead 34-30!

Last moments of the game now, Dekalb still has a chance…however Trey Borske has his own agenda as he is able to get the HUGE sack that wraps things up for Neuqua Valley – They win 34-30.

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