DVC Girls Cross Country Meet 10.19.19

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Welcome to Waubonsie Valley, home of the girls DVC cross country meet. All the area schools are in attendance with first time DVC cross country meet competitors, DeKalb joining in on the fun.

The Race

And they are off. Naperville North looking to repeat as conference champs eying to get in good position from the start.

First lap has Huskie Maggie Gamboa leading the way with teammate Audrey Mendrys right behind here. Waubonsie’s Ashley Heidenrich also keeping pace to round out the top three. A pack of huskie runners just behind the warrior.

Little later in the race and Gamboa has extended her lead quite a lot. After she passes through, her teammates Lucy Westlake, Audrey Medrys, and Molly Morton keep pace.

To no one’s surpsse, thanks to her lead, Maggie Gamboa crosses the finish line in first with a time of 17 minutes 11 seconds. Roundind out the top five would be Waubonsie’s Ashley Heidenrich, Metea’s Sophia Sandy, and huskies Molly Morton and Audrey Mendrys. Thanks to those finishes North would again take home the DVC Girls Cross Country conference title with 24 points. Neuqua Valley comes in second.

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