Filling Hearts With Hope and Metea Valley Spring Sports

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Over the years at high schools across the country, philanthropic minded students create clubs and groups to raise money for their school and or communities. Recently, Metea Valley saw the formation of the “Filling Hearts with Hope” club, looking to find ways to bring joy to others during a difficult time. Find out more in this Off the Field, presented by Advantage Acura.

Athletes at Metea Valley are frequently encouraged to participate in charitable work throughout the year. Senior girls soccer player Jocelyn Grabow received inspiration from competing in the 2022 Body Armor Series, where teams represent a charity throughout the tournament. The Mustangs played for Filling Hearts with Hope, but Grabow wanted to take things up a level.

The senior went to Athletic Director Matt Fehrmann and Assistant Principal Dan DeBruycker for help putting on an event that could bring dozens of Metea athletes together to support a great cause.

After securing the time and location, Grabow reached out to the other spring sports teams at the school to take part in the event, and the support from her fellow athletes was overwhelming.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon on the Mustang football field, less than an hour after Grabow helped Metea Valley to another win on the soccer pitch, the Filling Hearts with Hope Spring Sports Fundraiser was held.

There were seven different field day type events with male and female teams competing against each other. The baseball team took on the girls soccer team in kickball, boys and girls lacrosse faced off on the field for a game, and boys volleyball players challenged the softball team to a round of capture the flag. There was also a team handball matchup between the boys and girls water polo teams, a 100 meter dash featuring members of the track and field team and even a keep the birdie alive race between the badminton team and the baseball team. The final event of the day was a game of sharks and minnows with all the athletes taking part.

It was fun to see so many athletes coming together for a great cause and interacting across the different sports. The importance of school spirit, charity and helping the community is deeply engrained in the Metea Valley environment. Despite the challenges students and athletes have faced since COVID began over two years ago, so many have still found ways to improve the lives of others through inspiring ways. Opportunities to support clubs like Filling Hearts with Hope and other charitable events at Metea Valley can be found by following the social media accounts of the school and athletic teams.

For Naperville Sports Weekly, I’m Justin Cornwell.