Girls Bowling Naperville North vs Metea Valley 01.06.22

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Metea Valley girls bowling hosts Naperville North at Fox Bowl where the Mustangs dominate the Huskies. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Back from their winter break, Metea Valley girls bowling looks to defend their home lanes at Fox Bowl against the Huskies of Naperville North. Both teams look to shake off some rust as the playoffs inch closer.

Game One

Jasmine Allen starts us off by picking up the easy one-pin spare for Metea.

One of her running mates Elizabeth Mansmith had plenty of success on the night. Here’s one of her many strikes.

Now it’s Ellie Connor using some nice backspin to knock down the spare early in the meet.

Ava Weishaar cleans up her leftovers too racking up the spare on the way to a 400-pin night.

Sticking with the Huskies, Bebe Grimaldo had the perfect placement for this ball as she gets a strike.

Game Two

MV’s Micheala Graves needed three pins for the spare and she found them all to save the frame.

Then it’s Alexis Wright picking up a three-pin spare of her own as the Huskies continue to compete.

Mustang Ava Babyar shows everyone that you don’t need power to knock them all down.

Metea’s Sydney Lewis had a career night. This strike was a part of her first 700-pin showing.

Game Three

Anna Child makes this look easy as she grabs the two-pin spare for Naperville North.

We look at Shelly Hess as she’s trying to get her seventh strike in a row, but she comes up a pin short. Tough break.

We wrap with Ellie Child who knocks down the strike, but the Huskies fall to Metea Valley 3027-1940.

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