Girls Bowling Naperville North vs. Naperville Central 12.09.21

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Naperville North girls bowling takes on rival Naperville Central at Lisle Lanes where Huskies defeat the Redhawks. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Lisle Lanes, home of Naperville Central, is our site for this DVC girls bowling tilt between the Redhawks and the Huskies of Naperville North.

Game One

After coming close to a strike in her first frame, Alexis Wright starts on the right foot by knocking down the corner pin for the spare.

Ava Weishaar scored over 100 in each of her games and this strike clears the way for a 136.

With two pins still standing, Teresa Duffrin shows off the touch and cashes in on a spare during her first game.

Bebe Grimaldo had a big night for the Huskies. She eventually goes on to pick up this spare.

Game Two

The Redhawks’ energy was felt after every big frame. Here, Sydney Hurst asks for a “CENTRAL” after picking up a nice spare.

Jayda Armstrong had the third highest mark of any Central bowler thanks, in part, to this spare.

Now Ellie Conner saves her frame by knocking down a cluster of pins with some nice backspin.

Ana Child was the night’s best bowler with a 417. Here, she gets the two-pin spare.

Brooklyn Hinton needed perfect placement for this spare, and she knocks them down.

Game Three

Now it’s Skye Sanford, who finished as the team’s top bowler, with just the right amount of English to pick up this spare.

D’Niya Little-Segers comes up with a big roll here to pick up a strike as her night comes to a close.

Aliesah Romero gets a strike of her own and the Huskies defeat the Redhawks 1813-1685.

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