Girls Bowling Waubonsie Valley vs. Metea Valley 12.06.22

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Metea Valley girls bowling hosts Waubonsie Valley in their Eola rivalry where the Mustangs defeat the Warriors. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

The girls bowling season continues with another DVC conference matchup. Metea Valley girls bowling hosts Waubonsie Valley as the Eola rivalry hits the bowling lanes at the Fox Bowl in Wheaton. The Mustangs look to get another win early on in the season after their victory at DeKalb last week.

Game One

Mackenzie Ondrejcak makes a nice roll to knock down two pins to get her team off to a great start. She finishes game 1 with a score of 156.

Next up is Abby Walton and she picks up a strike for the Warriors. She’s excited after that one as she ends game 1 with a score of 142.

For the Mustangs, Kemya Moore is up as she gets things rolling for Metea Valley and makes this one look easy for a strike. She’s the top scorer for the Mustangs at 170 in the first frame.

Jade Williams is up next as this ball goes down the lane and rattles the pins to keep her team in this one. She scores a 138 in game 1.

Mikayla Bradley is up for the Warriors and gets a spare to help the Warriors take the lead.

Game Two

On to game 2 and Nilaya Badam with a confident strike as she celebrates with her Mustang teammates. She’s the top scorer in this one with 159.

It’s Moriah Greenwood’s turn as she goes for three strikes in a row. She nails it to score a turkey for the Mustangs. She gets some high fives and lets out a big smile as she scores a 152 in game 2.

Shelly Hess is up for the Mustangs and she hits this strike with ease and claims a 138.

However, Sam Wiertelak steps up and drills this one right down the middle. She ends game 2 as the top scorer for the Warriors at 170.

Game Three

Mya Zatloukal is up next as she crushes these pins to keep the Warriors slim lead. She gets the best score of game 3 at 180.

However, Shelly Hess helps the Mustangs come back with this fantastic strike to finish with a score of 198. Metea Valley defeats Waubonsie Valley in a close one.

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