Girls Diving Waubonsie Valley vs. Neuqua Valley 10.02.20

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Back to back girls State swimming and diving Champions Neuqua Valley invite the Waubonsie Valley Warriors to their pool for their second to last home diving meet of the year.

Our first diver of the night is Neuqua’s Brooke Raliegh, performing a forward ½ tuck getting a score of 17.5 from the judges. For the uninitiated, there are three judges and the best possible score per dive is a 30.

Next up is NV’s Payten Orlow doing a two-somersault tuck getting a score of 17.5 from the judges. She goes on to a third place overall finish in the meet.

Up next to the board is the 2019 state champion Jane Riehs doing an inward pike and getting a score of 22.

First Warrior up is Naddya Favela doing a forward ½ summersault tuck and she gets a score of 15.5. She finishes in 6th place on the day.

Next up is another Warrior, we have Malak Abdalla performing a two somersault tuck getting a score 15.5

The next Wildcat up to the board is Tessa Ward doing a reverse one-somersault tuck. The judges give her a 17 on this one.

Next up is her teammate Ame Wachtel doing a reverse one somersault tuck getting a score of 16. Ame goes on to finish in 2nd place in the meet.

Back onto the board is Jane Riehs, this was actually one of her lower scores, a 20.5, but the former gymnastics star is just so fun to watch.

Next up is NV’s Xara Gin doing a inward dive tuck earning herself a score of 16 from the judges.

The top Warrior on the night is Malak Abdalla, her best dive of the meet is this solid inward 1 and a half somersault tuck, which earns her a 17.5.

Our top diver in the meet is the state champion, Jane Riehs this dive earns her best score of the night, with a 23.5. The top four divers all wearing blue and gold with the DVC meet less than two weeks away.

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